Play. Chill. Date. Unwind. Kickback. Recharge. Refresh. Rejuvenate.


Imagine a place. . .
    . . .where in just an hour or so, you can unwind from the hustle and bustle of Austin or San Antonio, where palm trees grow as tall as they do in the Caribbean, where you can teach your kids to fish, swim or build a sand castle.

Imagine a place. . .
    . . .where in just an hour or so, you can put the kids in the car on a Friday after work, head west/Northwest, stop for dinner on the way and still arrive your beach vacation spot before dark. No airport. No two-hour check-in. No cancelled flights! NO AIRFARE or fuel surcharges!! Does $10 to $15 in gas for your car sound like bargain travel?

Imagine a place. . .
    . . .where in just one long weekend, you and your spouse have dined on a deck overlooking the lake under a full moon, enjoyed a picnic on the beach, taken an early morning walk out to one of our neighboring Lake LBJ islands, relaxed  with sun, fun, books and meaningful conversation, enjoyed a great movie and dinner "in town," before departing Monday morning to arrive back in the office "on time" and recharged! 

We're the place! We can make it happen! AND We're "Drought-Resistant!"

     Tropical Hideaway Rentals       

Vacation Condominium Homes on Lake LBJ


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